Disability Claims

Protecting Your Interests in Disability Claim Cases

Most people have disability insurance through their employers or another source to protect against an injury that prevents them from working. We faithfully pay our premiums and expect to receive the coverage we need in return. In many cases, however, benefits are denied even when there is clearly a legitimate claim.

If you have been denied benefits on a disability claim, don't think that you have no further options. An experienced lawyer can help you appeal the decision and work to obtain the benefits you deserve. At the Akron, Ohio, based Aronson & Associates Law Firm, we have been successful representing clients in many different types of disability claim cases.

Helping You Through a Complex Situation

The process for seeking disability benefits can be very complicated for a person who is not familiar with it. Our attorneys have extensive experience in these matters and can help you to efficiently navigate the system. From the filing of your initial request through any necessary appeals, we will do everything we can to help you reach a positive result.

We have successfully represented clients in a variety of disability cases, including:

  • ERISA claims
  • Social Security Disability, including SSD and SSI claims
  • Long-term disability for a recognized medical conditions

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