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Aronson & Associates Law Firm has handled hundreds of trials, and thousands of injury claims of all types. These cases listed are representative of cases which have been successfully handled by the law firm.

Out of State Claims:

  • Defective Product - Ohio resident moved to Arizona, their projection TV catches fire during the night, resulting in injury and death. The television manufacturer held liable.
  • Newly married Ohio residents on their honeymoon in Florida involved in a serious car accident with a produce truck. Successful result reached in federal court.
  • Ohio resident on vacation in Pennsylvania, tractor/trailer injures him, resulting in serious injuries.
  • Ohio residents moved to North Carolina for a new job and on a trip back to visit relatives in Akron, involved in a collision with a semi-truck in West Virgina, resulting in serious injury and death.
  • Elderly Ohio resident driving through Michigan involved in a serious accident with a semi-truck, resulting in serious and significant injuries.
  • Ohio resident visiting relatives in Texas struck by a drunk driver, resulting in serious injuries.
  • Ohio resident moves to California, involved in complicated litigation with a successful result.
  • Ohio resident vacationing in Florida is seriously injured in a hot-air balloon ride outside an amusement park.
  • Ohio resident moved to Florida, and involved in a serious car crash, which was successfully resolved.
  • Ohio resident moved to Chicago, and is traveling to a wedding of a friend in Wisconsin, serious car crash with serious injuries.
  • Salesman for an Ohio company, who was a resident of New Jersey, injured in an extremely serious car crash in Connecticut, involving serious injuries.
  • Ohio resident struck in Ohio by a Pennsylvania company delivering motor homes, resulting in serious injuries.
  • Ohio resident on vacation in southern Illinois involved in a serious car crash with serious injuries.
  • Dutch woman injured in a car crash in southern Ohio, resulting in serious injuries.

Trucking Accidents

  • Couple in small car seriously injured when struck by a semi-truck in Wadsworth, Ohio.
  • Wrongful death and serious injury in West Virginia.
  • Trucker in serious accident with another truck in Michigan.
  • Serious trucking accident in New York State.

Products Liability

  • Projection TV fire resulting in serious injury and death.
  • Defective treadmill, broken limb.
  • Dryer fire, serious burns.
  • Skydiving accident resulting in death.
  • Motorcycle accidents, when car turned in front of a motorcycle, resulting in the leg amputation of passenger.
  • Motorcycle accident, when car turned left in front of a motorcycle in a construction zone, resulting in a serious injury to the driver and passenger, resulting in liability of the automobile driver, and the companies involved in the construction.
  • Defective motorcycle developed a weave/wobble, causing the cyclist to go off the road, resulting in death. Recovery with liability of motorcycle manufacturer determined.

Bicycle Accidents

  • Man riding bicycle injured by car backing from driveway.
  • Teenager seriously injured when struck by a passing pick-up truck.

Dog Bites

  • Woman seriously injured when neighbor's dog bit her leg, resulting in surgery.

Wrongful Death

  • Car struck by semi-truck in North Carolina resulting in death.
  • Teenager in Akron struck and fatally injured by a drunk driver.
  • Tree trimmer is pulled out of a tree by homeowner holding guideline.
  • Motorcyclist struck and killed by teenager making left hand turn, allegedly on cell phone.
  • Ice cream truck driver killed after a collision, and freezer landed on the driver's chest, resulting in his death.
  • Worker killed when crushed by forklift, while attempting maintenance on the lift.
  • Truck driver killed when defective tire caused the large tandem truck he was driving to go off the road.
  • Car accident in Michigan, semi-truck driver causing crash resulting in death.
  • Projection TV fire resulting in serious injury and death.